"What Front-End Developers Do? Recruiters Guide" eBook

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The only book you need to read to win front-end developers and your clients trust.

This book will help you to better understand the needs of your clients and recruit the best front-end developers.

You will learn what the most in-demand front-end technologies are and what front-end developers use them for: JavaScript, React and Redux amongst others.

You will never confuse Java with JavaScript and React with React Native again.

This book is for recruiters who don't have technical background but want to understand what skills their clients seek to hire and how to efficiently communicate their client's requirements to front-end developers.

What's inside the book?

Chapter 1: What Front-End Developers Do?

Chapter 2: HTML and CSS

Chapter 3: BEM, SMACSS, LESS, SASS and Bootstrap

Chapter 4: JavaScript, ECMAScript, ES6, TypeScript, Flow

Chapter 5: API, DOM, jQuery, React, React Router, i18n

Chapter 6: SPA, AJAX, Flux, Redux, TDD, BDD, Jest, Enzyme

Chapter X: Git, Mercurial, GitHub

Understand your clients. Understand your candidates. Excel at what you do.

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"What Front-End Developers Do? Recruiters Guide" eBook

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